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Heating Table nohy


At TOP restaurants Old Town Square, Prague

What is
Heating Table?

Vyhřívaný stolek Galavito

Innovative, energy saving and environment friendly outdoor heater which is integrated into a table leg and can be mounted under any table top. Durable product made from the finest materials and components with the latest technology according to European Union and safety standards.

Why to purchase Heating Table?

Galavito Heating Table nohy

Unique heating solution with 10 times lower operational costs, compared to traditional gas heaters. Compensates its purchasing costs within a single month of use. Easy to install and safe heater. Children and pets can sit and play around. Heating and stand in one product. Place more tables instead!

How does Heating Table work?

Galavito infrazářič

Electrical heating via infrared waves, heats only surrounding people and objects – not the air. Instant warmth starting from feet and legs! Instantly heating 360° around just in 5 – 8 seconds. As electrical heater is not producing any CO2 and no fumes.

Technical Specification

Galavito Heating Table Leaflet EN
Galavito Heating Table Leaflet EN
Galavito Heating Table CE Certificate


In Borrow / References

Galeria Harfa, Virgla Global – Prague

In References

AXM International Club – Prague

In References

Golden Well Hotel, Terasa U Zlaté studně – Prague

In References

White Horse Restaurant Prague – Old Town


In Media

Inovacentrum ČVUT Tecnicall Magazine

In Trade Fairs

Vědecký jarmark 2014 Prague

In Media

MM Spektrum – Teplo u venkovního stolu

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CzechTrade Design Book


In Media

Inovacentrum ČVUT Tecnicall Magazine

In Media

MM Spektrum – Teplo u venkovního stolu

In Media

CzechTrade Design Book

In Media – Prodlužte si sezonu venkovního odpočinku. vás zahřeje.


Behind every innovation and successful product, there is an entrepreneurial story. Our story started during one cold rainy winter night in Istanbul in 2013 and continues in Prague until today.

Awards & Nominations

Top 11 The Venture Chivas Prague ’16
Grand Prix Award by FOR GASTRO&HOTEL ’16
Nominated as E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year ‘16
Top 10 Ignite Competition ’15
# 2 Smart Challenge Czech Republic ’14
# 2 Nastartujte se, Komerční Banka’14
Nominated as Promising Innovation, Czech Innovation ’14
# 3 Grant of AMSP ’13
The Most Innovative Product, AMSP ’13

Fairs & Shows

ČVUT Inqbay Launch 10/2016
For Gastro & Hotel, Prague 9-10/2016
Vědecký jarmark Science Fair, Prague 9/2016
AMPER Electronic Fair, Brno 3/2016
Czech Design Week, Prague 11/2015
Design Blok Prague 10/2015
For Gastro & Hotel, Prague 10/2015
Vědecký jarmark, Prague 9/2015
Vědecký jarmark, Prague 9/2014
Česká Inovace Innovation Festival, Prague 3/2014


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