Galavito Heating Table

Galavito Heating Table is an innovative outdoor electrical heater designed especially for the terraces of restaurants, cafes and bars. This energy saving and environment friendly outdoor heater is integrated into a table leg and can be mounted under any table top. Uniqueness of the Heating Table is that the heater is efficiently heating people sitting around the table 360° directly starting from their feet.

Galavito Heating Table Leaflet EN
Galavito Heating Table Leaflet EN

Heating Table is using electrical heating via infrared waves, which heats only surrounding people and objects, not the air. So can be used in outdoor conditions with aim to instantly warm people starting from feet and legs! Heating Table’s main advantages are 10 times lower operational costs than traditional gas heaters so that being a cost – energy saving and environment friendly heater. Heating Table is heating instantly, so it can be used only when people are sitting around. As an electrical heater is not producing any CO2 and no fumes.

Benefits for places using Galavito Heating Table:

  • Elegant outdoor heater – Highly efficient infrared heating 360° around
  • Saving costs for heating – Consumption of 0,19 € / hours
  • 10 times lower operational costs compared to traditional gas heaters. Purchase costs will return within a single month of use.
  • Competitive advantage which is attracting new customers
  • Prolonging outdoor season and stay of customer which is spending more money
  • Saving space – can be mounted instead for any table leg under existing table tops.
  • You can use any table top – square / rounded / wooden / Werzalit
  • Easy to install and plug-in
  • Easy turn on/off – Can be used only when someone is sitting around.
  • Safe and durable product made from best components and resistable components

Galavito Heating Table

Galavito Heating Table is designed, developed  and produced in Prague, Czech Republic — by the Czech company Galavito s.r.o. Heating Table was developed by Czech engineers according to European standards and safety norms. Design of the table has design patent protection and Galavito is trademark of Galavito s.r.o.

Heating Table is a durable product made from the finest materials and components with the latest technology.

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