Galavito Heating Table Story

Galavito Heating Table is a unique product with a unique entrepreneurial story behind. The name Galavito is inspired by Galata Tower, a breathtaking historical tower from the 14th century and one of the symbols of İstanbul city — where the story started during one cold rainy night  in Istanbul in winter 2013.


Galavito s.r.o. as a Czech limited liability company, was founded with a passion by Milan Hnátek and Ece Ergüney Hnátková in 2013. Heating Table was born from their innovative idea, dedication and entrepreneurial dream. Galavito story currently continues in Prague — where both founders started their business from an exciting idea and transformed it to a physical, successful product: Galavito Heating Table.


Galavito Heating Table has been meticulously engineered and designed in Prague — to perform in any environment, to be 100 % safe and to provide users pleasant moments outdoors. In our product we combined the elegance from Orient and the design with European practicality. Together with the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT), we made the first steps of development and design our product. Currently, we are producing Heating Tables which are handcrafted in Prague, Czech Republic and used by best places across the Czech Republic and Europe.


Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we continue developing Heating Tables and we are currently offering 2 models of Heating Tables: RESTO for dining, BISTRO for bars. Our action from manufacturing to recycling is made with the intent of minimising our environmental footprint and maximising customer satisfaction. That’s why every single of our projects and customers is unique and we are able adjust our products for the specific need of every customer.

Ece Erguney Milan Hnatek Galavito