Outdoor Heating Solutions After Smoking Ban in EU

The European Union estimates show that; more than 79 000 adults, including 19 000 non-smokers, lost their lives in the EU in 2002 due to exposure to tobacco smoke at home (72 000) and workplace (7300).smoking_ban_europe_czech_republic For protecting EU citizens from passive smoking, there are extensive smoke-free laws in 17 EU countries. These include Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary, with the strictest prohibition of smoking in indoor public areas, public transport, and workplaces. And approving the law about smoking ban will bring Czech to all other European countries. Svatopluk Němeček, the Health Minister of the Czech Republic said ” With this law the Czech Republic will soon be on its way to western European countries.” in a Reuters report.

With this smoking ban regulations in the EU, all EU countries adopted measures to protect their citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke. The most strictest measures were introduced by Ireland, England, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Malta and Spain.

Implementation in some Member States of EU seems to be a problem because it is particularly difficult to implement complex legislation. Thanks to this regulations,the actual exposure rates of EU citizens have declined from 2009 to 2012. Belgium, Spain and Poland exemplify the adoption of comprehensive legislation, and  they have significant reductions in tobacco smoke exposure in the short term.

Thus, All European Union is sensitive about smoking indoor for protecting their citizens. 

Expected smoking ban in the Czech Republic will be valid on 31.5.2017  – on World No Tobacco Day!

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