Galavito Heating Table – RESTO ModelFOR GASTRO & HOTEL

  • 72 cm height, without table top
  • Ideal for dining, sitting around
  • Ideal for restaurants, cafes and for your own dining table on your terrace
  •  Electrical, infrared heater via infrared waves (0,7 kW)
  • Standard table top: 70 cm x 70 cm square
  • 10x lower operational costs than gas terraces, thus economical.
  • No fumes and CO2 thus environment friendly.
  • Certified and tested by the Czech EZÚ Testing Center, which guarantees its high safety and quality.

Satisfied Clients for Galavito Heating Table – RESTO Model :

  •  U Zlaté Studně Terrace right under Prague Castle, which is one of the best views of Prague.
  • The RESTO heated Galavito Heating Table can also be found on the U Prince’s terrace or in front of the
  • Bílý koníček restaurant right on Staroměstské náměstí.
  • Outside of Prague, in Uherské Hradiště, the Beef & Beer Restaurant
  • Cafe Azyl, Pizzeria Petr Restaurant in Karlovy Vary, near the famous Mill Colonnade.

venkovni topeni galavito

  • Height – without table top: 72 cm
  • Weight – without table top: 15 kg
  • Table base dimensions: 45 x 45 cm (Standard)
  • Power Source: 230V ~ 50Hz
  • Output of the infrared lamp: 0.7 kW
  • Degree of protection (waterproof and dust proof): IP44