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Today Is The Day! Smoking Ban in Czechia 31.5.2017

Finally the smoking ban is valid in the Czech Republic, since today 31.5.2017! From now on, it is forbidden to smoke indoors including restaurants, cafes, bars and so on. But in the terraces of the restaurants, cafes, bars will be still valid to smoke for sure.

zákaz kouřeníThis also called “anti-smoking law”  in Czechia is valid on the same day as the World No Tobacco Day —  by the World Health Organisation.

In upcoming summer season, probably we won’t realise that law that much as we will in winter / cold season — as nowadays in Prague streets and terraces, gardens are full of people more than interiors!

Galavito has the solution for the smoking ban, especially for colder nights : Galavito Heating Table! Infrared, electrical, energy saving, smart heating tables are designed and made in Prague, for HORECA sector — to provide their visitors the most efficient and pleasant heating solution, with minimum consumption costs:

Galavito Heating Table Leaflet EN

Galavito Heating Table RESTO model (72 cm for restaurants, ideal for dining) and new BISTRO model (109 cm for bars, events, ideal for standing around) are seen below:

stolové podnože      barové stolové podnože

For the Czech version of the smoking ban in Czech Republic 2017 blog post, please click here.

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